50 ML Mafenya reservoir

Our reservoir roof system was used in the construction of the 50 ML Mafenya reservoir, which received a commendation at the 2017 prestigious Fulton Awards for excellence in the design and application of concrete in the Innovation in Concrete Category.

On this project, We assisted M&D Construction Group to complete the large reservoir for Magalies Water in as a little as 14 months.

The columns were constructed as a combination of an in-situ stub with a precast element to achieve the desired height, and the roof planks were supported by a beam system that was tied to the top of the precast columns. To assist with drainage on completion, the in-situ stubs were cast to align the camber of the roof. The entire system comprised 36 columns, 40 beams and 290 slabs, in addition to the coping system for finishing the roof-edge.