50 ML Krugersburg reservoir

Our precast reservoir roof system played a critical role in completing the construction of the 50 ML Krugersburg reservoir in as little as 11 months to cater to a peak demand for potable water in Polokwane during the Soccer World Cup in 2010.

The 5 080m2 precast concrete roof structure comprises of pre-stressed 250mm-thick hollow-core slabs with a span of 11,4m between beam centres.

It is supported by 50 precast pre-stressed concrete I-beams with a span of 8,4m between column centres. The beams, in turn, are supported by pre-stressed pre-cast columns ranging in length of between nine and 11,3m.

The professional team comprised VBL Consulting Engineers and Ingerop South Africa, as well as Yarena Civils.